In December 2014, Michael and Denise wanted to start a “Pendant Project” for charity and began brainstorming ideas on how they could make it all happen. Denise’s first thought was to support women in treatment as she is an 18-year-survivor of cancer.  She has walked the walk and knows first-hand how difficult the journey can be.  A simple kindness can make all the difference on a “tough” day.

Denise’s story:

Reintegrate at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.

Our Reintegrate teams shared their projects at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in June 2013. New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer moderated the session held at the Yale Center for British Art Museum. Our team was the first to discuss our project in the video.


A video sponsored by Reintegrate about our project!! 
The science of medicine mixes with the art of glass-making and sculpture for this project that aims to teach the public about the human body and to have them question the fragility of it, their faith in it, and the implications of disease with an interactive art installation. Their project has been a part of the Reintegrate initiative of The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, made possible by a Creative Placemaking grant from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts. 

Thanks to the generosity of Yale’s School of Art and some crazy luck in timing, we were able to book Green Gallery for our Looking In exhibit! The timing couldn’t be more perfect, because the exhibition is happening at the same time as New Haven’s International Festival of Arts & Ideas, which *by the way* Michael and I are giving an ideas talk at! 

The above glass panel, entitled “Blue Nebula,” is from a series that Michael is currently working on separate from our Conversations project.

"This piece depicts the limitless possibilities of what may exist and what can exist within our universe. Just as glass has limitless possibilities to exist and transform light as well as the space it exists within."
- Michael